Review: Breaking Point {Kristen Simmons}

Breaking Point (Article 5, #2)

After faking their deaths, Ember and Chase have been laying low and hiding out with the Resistance, an underground organisation working to take down the government. But the Resistance isn't satisfied with Ember and Chase hiding out – they want them to fight. To stand up for what's right and help them destroy the FBR. And soon the pair discover they may not have a choice.

When the FBR's most-wanted list is posted and Ember's face is in the top five, painting her as a suspect for the recent sniper shootings that have been taking out government soldiers, the couple realise that the time for hiding has gone.

With eyes in the Resistance turning to Ember, rallying behind her as they believe she is the sniper, Ember has to decide whether to embrace the lie or come clean with the truth. With the FBR's orders as shoot to kill anyone involved (or suspected to be), can Ember really afford to let people die in the name of a lie?

With Chase urging her to run, new information on her past coming to light and an unlikely ally throwing her world into chaos, Ember has to decide what exactly she's willing to risk to find the truth and bring the FBR to its knees.


I loved Article 5, but Breaking Point surpassed it in every way possible. So much happened in this book, it is impossible to cover it all and I'm not really sure to begin. I will say this: It was fantastic to see how Ember grew as a character and how her mother's death not only changed her perception of the world, but inspired her to make the FBR pay.

Her trauma only made her more determined to learn how to fight the men responsible. She really gave a new meaning to girl power in this book, risking her life for her friends on countless occasions and doing what needed to be done for the greater good.

It was also great to see old characters come back and see the changes in character dynamics. It was really cool to see old enemies in new lights and it kept me constantly guessing who was on whose side – making for a fast-paced and thrilling read, with new mysteries at each turn of the page.

I never knew what to expect next with this book and was kept in suspense right until the very end. Not only that, but we got to see some old friends too and how their lives had changed since Ember's disappearance. It was really intriguing to see the ripple effect that had occurred because of Ember in the first book and Kristen Simmons did an amazing job at showing character development.

I also loved the relationship between Sean and Ember. It was great to see how close the two had become and there was a real sense of trust between them. They were endlessly loyal and continuously worked together to try and find Rebecca. I was so happy for Sean whenever Ember reminded other characters that finding Rebecca was her top priority. It was really inspiring to see her stand up for her friend and remember that she had old favours that needed repaying!

As for Ember's relationship with Chase: I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Ember's mother's death (and Chase's role in it) still continues to affect her and Kristen Simmons did such an impeccable job of showing how delicate Ember's relationship with Chase was because of that.

We got a lot more swoon-moments in this book (the romance really stepped up) but we also got to see the deeper, emotional connection between the pair. The way they cared for each other and the real bond they had was powerful and wonderful to read about. Some of their interactions were so raw and emotional that it was just heart-wrenching.

I feel like we really got to know them as a couple and, more than that, we really got to know Chase as an individual. He came to life in this book and eclipsed every other character. Every time he was on the page I was just riveted. He was so complex that it was hard not to get completely absorbed in his story and feel every emotion he felt too. 

This was, quite simply, a stunning follow-up novel. Action-packed from start to finish, it was a non-stop ride of betrayal and danger, and I never knew which characters would make it to the end. It is a wonderful novel that incorporates everything I could want from a book and I'm so pleased that I stumbled upon this series.

"I remember who you are. Even if you forget."



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