Recapping February: What This Month Had To Offer

What February meant for me:
February was a month of cooking experiments and job applications. Not all of the cooking experiments were a success (see: buttercream icing made with flour. See: don't ever attempt again), but my oreo cheese truffles were a dream, so it all balances out. Plus I'm beginning to be quite the gourmet chef when it comes to dinner dishes. Smokey Red Pepper Risotto with Pimentón, anyone?

Job-wise, I'm still on the hunt and, to be honest, it's beginning to get a little disheartening. I feel like I'm in a catch 22 because I need jobs for experience but I can't get the jobs without having experience. What is with that?! I'm trying to keep my chin up and just be patient, but it's pretty discouraging to not hear back about jobs or to get rejections, especially when I know I'd do so well at them.

But oh well, onwards and upwards. Chin held high. Got to keep the faith. *Insert other feel-good sentiments here*

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New obsessions:

It's a nut-free chocolate spread that's actually gorgeous! Finally. Nuts are not my friend, so its nice to be able to find a chocolate spread that doesn't have them because, seriously, nuts are in everything. Do you know how hard it is to find decent nut-free pesto? It's the bane of my existence, I tell you.
But THIS has no artificial colours or flavours or hydrogenated fats and it's made with natural ingredients and it's SO TASTY I COULD EAT A WHOLE TUB. Seriously. I nearly did. It's quite shameful.

And speaking of natural things that are awesome, can I just say how much I love this KCKT leave-in conditioner? It only has like eight ingredients and I know what they all are! No crappy, unnecessary chemicals *dances*. Just organic mango fruit extract, organic marshmallow root, organic lemongrass and organic slippery elm and other goodies. My curls eat this stuff, it's so good.

So that's my month! How did February treat you?


Allie is a Pimm's-obsessed reader, who dreams of road tripping over America, learning to surf & becoming fluent in all the languages of her heritage (which, sadly, does not include Elvish). If she's not reading or blogging, you can find her catching up on Teen Wolf, or reigning supreme with Scrabble/Mario Kart. Stalk her on twitter, instagram or goodreads.


  1. "I need jobs for experience but I can't get the jobs without having experience." OMG THIS. I'm glad that I got a few summer jobs and then got this awesome job to match my uni schedule and now I've been working 3 years straight. Like, yes! I just don't get this saying. How can you get exprience indeed when you cannot apply without experience? Wut? O.o Looks like you had a great month review wise--the ratings are good :) Ha, I'm allergic to nuts and I still eat Nutella. Whatever. I can cope. I wish they sold THAT over here though! It looks good ;) I started watching Star Crossed, but I'm not sold so far. I guess I'm just not a big fan of Matt Lanter after 90210 which became totally ridiculous by the end of it and I didn't really enjoy the acting. I love the world though so cannot wait to see what it develops into:)

    1. I think Star-crossed has started off a bit eh, but I just think it has so much great potential. Plus, I admit, I'm kind of a sucker for romance. AND MATT IS SO PRETTY. I'm choosing to forget he was ever on 90210 because that show was god awful and made my eyes bleed :P

  2. I loved Cress so much too! That risotto sounds amazing, you need to come over and cook for me!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. You supply the wine and it's a date! Haha

  3. I toootally agree with you on the experience for jobs front. It's like they don't WANT to hire us and are using every excuse! GAH. I'm pretty sure someone just needs to hire me to read and review books, because let's face it: that would be the best of ever. Good going finding that nut-free chocolate spread! WOOT. I can't imagine not being able to eat nuts. We make homemade nutella and omg, it is the most delicious thing the world has ever known. But oreo truffles??! I'm pretty extra sure I need to visit you.

    1. I know! And yet they'll let someone intern for a similar job, with no experience, for zero wages :/ I just don't get it. If I got to blog professionally for a living, I think I'd be in heaven!

      Pop on over! I'll bake you cheesecake cupcakes :)

  4. Thanks for sharing with us your February. Wow your cooking sounds absolutely amazing! I totally emphasise with you about how hard it is to find a job and a company that will give you a chance these days. The market is so competitive employers can afford to be picky, but I hope you find one soon. Thanks for featuring my blogging slumps post!

    Here's my STS this week.

    1. Yeah, it's like they want years and years of experience even for entry level jobs? It makes zero sense! And I don't want to be working at a job I dislike for years on end just to 'officially' gain the skills I already have.

      Can I not just blog for a living? :P

  5. "because I need jobs for experience but I can't get the jobs without having experience" This this this. Sucks so much. Congrats on successful cooking-I can not follow a recipe to save my life! I love leave in conditioner, I'll have to see if I can try that one out here.

    1. It really does suck! I went to university so I could be qualified to get these jobs and they're telling me I still can't get them? I didn't go to uni to be doing something mundane that I'm not interested in; I want my dream job dammit!

  6. The oreo truffles sounds amazing, keep your head up and hopefully find the right place for you

    1. They were pretty delicious. I think I'm going to make them again this weekend because I need comfort food STAT!

  7. You've got an impressive attitude. I've had moments of unemployment where it can be stressful and disheartening, especially when you can feel your resume running away from you. But I decided that in the meantime I would rock unemployment and enjoy the time to write and read while I could.

    Now I never want to go in to work!

    1. I can't decide if it would be worse if I was unemployed, or not. My job now is jut not enjoyable and it also means I don't have a lot of time to apply for other jobs and work on my CV. It's such a mixed bag, but I suppose it's best to have something than nothing!

  8. I didn't even know of the existence of this blog and then suddenly you mentioned my blog post. I think I'm crying happy tears. Thanks a lot for mentioning me!

    I find it odd that you need experience for jobs, but they don't give you jobs to get experience either. So meh. I hope you'll find something soon!

  9. You're welcome, Sandra! I always love linking up blogs with great discussion posts, so other bloggers can experience the awesome :)