Look, I'm in a Book! . . . Kind of {Literary Twin Tag}


Have you ever read about a character and laughed at how similar you were?

The lovely Aimee @ Deadly Darlings tagged me to do her Literary Twin book tag. So here are the rules:

Choose three literary characters, one from each category – 
a) the character you think you are most similar to
b) the character who you aspire to be
and c) the character most people see you as.

"I have this theory. Friends aren’t forever. They’re not even for a while. They come into your life and they leave when something or someone changes. Nothing grounds them to you. They’re just fleeting."

I see so much of myself in Daisy. We've had a lot of the same struggles and sometimes reading about the things she experienced felt a little like reading the story of my own life. And the theories she has, things that might seem silly or even pessimistic to some, totally resonate with me. They're thoughts I've had myself.

Not only that, but Daisy puts the feelings of her loved ones first. She's crazy and spontaneous, has a really dirty and bantery sense of humour, which completely mirrors my own. She's someone you can always rely on to brighten the day and that's the kind of person I've always been (or so I like to think!).

"I don't know your customs, but here, if you don't want to frighten someone, you don't go looming over their sleeping body with knives."

Karou is one of those heroines I read about and just instantly wanted to be. Not only can she kick arse (literally) but she is strong enough to shoulder the destiny of an entire race. She's brave enough to risk her life to stop a centuries-old war. She's optimistic enough to believe that love can change the world.

She's also confident in who she is and who she wants to be. Karou doesn't try to change for anyone. She embraces her oddness and all the things that make her peculiar and one of a kind.  

Plus, you know, she can fly.

"A box where she was expected to be sweet and sensitive (but not over-sensitive); a box for young and pretty girls who were not as bright or powerful as their boyfriends."

People who know me, know that there are few things in the world I'm more passionate about than feminism and challenging stereotypes.

Frankie is determined to step out of the bubble she has been placed in and prove she is just as capable, if not more so, than her male classmates.

She's also got a quirky knack for words. She likes to experiment with language and make up, or edit words to her liking. I think most of my friends would agree that's me!. Though I do also have that nasty habit of correcting other people, which Frankie is good enough not to do.

Which character do you think you're most like? Do you find that books can inspire you to be a better person?

There are scones in Allie's house and she is eating them like a monster. Jam and clotted cream and English breakfast tea to wash it all down. She's embracing the stereotype and she couldn't care less because SCONES. If she were in the Addicted universe, she would totally apply to work at Superheroes & Scones. And she would rock at it (as long as she was able to eat the leftovers).