How Do You Keep the Spark in Blogging?

Do you ever feel like blogging can be more of a chore than a hobby?

Lately, I've been feeling uninspired on the blogging front and have kind of lost my edge (is it ironic I'm blogging about losing my bloggliness?). It's not that I dislike blogging, I just don't feel like I look forward to doing to any more.

Somewhere along the way blogging became more of a chore – almost a job (minus the pay) – and stopped being something I enjoyed so much. It became something I started to stress over.

I think it started when I took my first real blogging break back in December. I was away in Mexico for two weeks and didn't have to worry about posting or reviewing. I read a book a day and there was no analysing, or wondering if I was going to write a review, or stressing about if I was on track with my reading schedule. 

I was reading for fun. I was reading just because I wanted to. And I was completely cut off from the blogging world for the first time in forever. It was blissful.

Ever since I got back in January, I felt like blogging was something I had to do. I was doing it simply because that's what I'd done for so long now. It was a routine. But I just didn't feel inspired very often. 

I took a mini hiatus recently hoping that would help refresh me, but if anything it just cemented the feeling. Sometimes I'll sit at the computer and I know I should write a post or catch up on comments or do something bloggerly. But I just kind of end up sitting there and staring at the screen blankly. Or collapsing in a heap of I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE frustration.

I've met awesome people in this community and as a whole I've had an amazing experience while doing this, so it's not like I want to disappear forever. But from now on this blog will be far more sporadic and far less of a scheduled thing. Just something I'll do whenever I get the urge, rather than something I do because I feel pressured.

I don't like feeling as though I have to blog, or forcing myself to write a post, even though I really don't feel like it. Or feeling guilty if I'm too busy with something else.

So now I'm only blogging when I really want to, whenever that may be. There might be a huge gap between posts, there might not.  There could be one post a week or I could go silent for months. When I say sporadic, I mean it. 

I want blogging to be fun again, so I only want to do it when I have something I want to say, or when there's I book I absolutely can't resist telling you guys about.

Have any of you lost your blogging spark? Are there any tips you have for those of us that feel a little 'tired'? How do you kiddies keep it fresh (see how hip I am!)?

Allie has finally caught up with The Flash and cannot believe she ever thought about abandoning it. She's looking for more super duper superhero stuff to watch (as always) and is considering checking out Daredevil on Netflix. Everyone's been raving and she's curious to see if the TV show beats that God-awful movie.