Are schedules sucking the fun out of reading? {The Birdie Musings}

Confession: I don't have a reading schedule.

I don't do excel spreadsheets. Or charts. Or diagrams. I don't pin post-its on my pets reminding me which books I need to read and when (mostly because I don't have pets).

I'm a total mood reader. The biggest step toward a schedule I get is making a TBR jar. And even then, if I pull out something I don't want to read, I'll put it back in and pick out something else.

I'm a total cheat winner.

It's hard to be in the blogosphere for longer than a few minutes without someone talking about their reading schedule. Which books they're planning to read in any given month or week and even how long they're giving themselves to get the job done.

But I have to wonder: are schedules sucking the fun out of reading?

We all know blogging isn't just a hobby. In a lot of ways, it's also a job of sorts – a lot of time and effort goes into writing posts and coming up with ideas for content. But the reading part is supposed to be easy . . . right?

If we start scheduling not only our posts, but our reading habits too, doesn't that start to put more pressure on? Doesn't it make things a little less fun? I'm all for organisation. I alphabetise everything I can. My wardrobe is organised by season and then colour-coded. Heck, I'd organise my footwear if I had more room . . . and less shoes (neither are likely). 

But reading is different. And I am talking about reading, not blogging. I think a lot of the time the lines are blurred. Where do we separate reading from blogging when they've become an extension of each other?

For me, reading has always been a mood thing. It's passion-based, something that inspires me, and any time I've tried to extend my overly-organised side to reading, my brain rebels and just yells SUGAR at me until I delete the spreadsheet and eat a cookie.

And yet, for so many bloggers, both newbies and seasoned folks, reading schedules are a staple. A lot of the time I'm even left wondering if I'm the only one that just 'goes with the flow'. Whether or not that's a good thing, I can't be sure. All I know, is that schedules tend to leave me feeling like I have to do something, rather than inspiring me to want to do it. And for something as personal as reading, I'd rather leave Excel alone.

Do you guys have reading schedules? Are they helpful little things, or do they fry your brain like they do mine?

Allie has actually bought new paper and glittery pens to spice up her TBR jar a little. It looks kind of sad and plain (and, admittedly, unused) on her desk right now. She feels sorry for it. So she's planning to sprinkle glitter everywhere to make up for the neglect. Glitter helps everything. As does rainbow paper and scented gel pens.