What to Do When a Rec Isn't for You {The Birdie Rules}

Have you ever been recommended a book by a friend . . . and hated it?

Not liking a book everyone else loved isn't a great feeling, but it happens. No big deal. You write your review and move on to the next book.

But what if the book you hated was recommended to you by a friend? What if as you're typing up your review, they tweet you asking what you think? What if they WhatsApp you wanting to know if you felt ALL THE FEELS?

But never fear! If you find yourself in that situation, I've come up with some handy rules so that you can Keep Calm and Carry on Reading:

It's easy enough to ignore a twitter DM or a text, but if you know the friend offline, then you're going to have to get creative with your disguise. I recommend Papier-mâché for masks, and body paint for blending into your surroundings. Felt tip pens also work great if you want to create a realistic moustache.

Nothing can make people forget their problems like cake can. If your friend is asking for your opinion on the book, simply throw a cookie at them. The sugar rush will make them forget whatever they were about to say. And if it doesn't, the concussion will.

If your friend is gushing about the book, simply nod and smile. Say 'yeah' or 'uh huh' every few seconds to show you're giving them your full attention and totally agree with how hot that guy who did that thing in chapter 14 was.

If all else fails, use ALL CAPS to exaggerate even the most basic sentiments. I LIKED CHAPTER 3. I THINK THE HEROINE HAS NICE HAIR. It will make your friend think you're jumping up and down, rather than cackling evilly as you proofread your review.

If all else fails, start toying with the truth. This is most authentically done by copying old texts your friend has sent you and re-sending them back, passing it off as your own fangirling. They'll be so happy you liked the book that they won't even notice how awfully familiar those texts sound.

 Have you ever hated a book that your friends loved? Did you deal with the awkwardness as fabulously as me?

Having run out of books, Allie has had to make the most of her Prime account and do a last-minute Amazon order. Considering she's been in a bit of a reading slump, she's shocked that she managed to empty her TBR without even noticing. Clearly her old age is addling her brain.