Behind the birdie

Little Birdie Books is a blog offering fun, insightful reviews and random book-related (and a few sporadic, non-book related) discussions and posts.

It's a way for me to express the feeling I get whenever I'm drawn into an author's world, and a way for me to fangirl with fellow book junkies. In short, this blog is where it's all happening!

The girl behind the birdie?

That would be me. I'm a Brit, a frappuccino addict, a baking junkie and a lover of random laughter. 

If I'm not blogging, then you'll find me reigning supreme at Scrabble, trying out new recipes, or working on my next novel (yes, I write too). If the sun's out, I'll be on the garden swing with a glass of Pimm's and a book. If the weather's rubbish (which it normally is in England), then I'll be catching up on Arrow, The 100, Teen Wolf or The Originals. I'm a bit obsessed with them! 

 I could also be busy graduating from university:

I dream of road tripping over America with my friends, learning how to surf, and becoming fluent in all of the languages of my heritage (Greek, Italian and German).

I think dancing and singing off key are the best ways to get yourself out of a sad mood and that a summer's day should never be wasted. I'm a family gal and truly believe that home is where the heart is. 

Little Birdie was created purely for enjoyment, because I love books and reading and fangirling over discussing them with my fellow book junkies. I don't receive payment for blogging and all of my reviews will be fair and honest, regardless of if I purchased the book myself, it was gifted to me, or I received it from a publisher / author.

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I look forward to nerding out with you all!

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