Little Birdie Books is a way to express my love of reading and share my thoughts and opinions with fellow book nerds. The majority of the books I review are purchased personally, but if I receive a book directly from a publisher I will make that clear in my review. 

Despite the circumstances under which I receive a book, my reviews will always be honest and fair. I understand that even if I'm not the biggest fan of a book, others may have a very different opinion. I therefore make it a point to have well-rounded and detailed reviews with pros and cons.

I do not receive cash, cookies, or even bird food for my reviews.

If I have accepted a book for review, I will review it in my own time, unless a specific date has been requested or a review is asked to be delayed until the publication date.

Be aware that accepting a book for review does not guarantee a review. If I find the book is unsuitable for Little Birdie, or if I am unable to finish it for whatever reason, I will email as soon as possible and let you know that I will not be posting a review.

When submitting a book for review, remember that this is a Young Adult and Contemporary book blog, that deals in fiction only. 

I am not currently accepting requests from self-published authors.

I enjoy reading the following: 
Fantasy / Urban-fantasy
Paranormal (incl. Paranormal Romance)
Realistic Fiction
New Adult (will not accept novels categorised as 'Erotica')

If you are interested in requesting a book for review, please visit my contact page. 

(NOTE: I post all of my reviews on Amazon UK and Goodreads)